About Us

ABE is spearheaded by a group of accomplished Executive Leaders in the Sports Industry and is seeking capable and committed financial partners in the launch of a modern and revolutionary “global professional sports business”.

  1. The market:
    • The worldwide professional sports market is poised for enormous growth! Globally, the professional sports industry is estimated to grow beyond $620 billion.
    • The current US professional sports market is estimated to be $32 billion.
  2. Why ABE is different:
    • ABE is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the “ubiquitous interest” and “enormous financial size” of the professional sports global market.
    • The ABE business model and financial structure will be very difficult to be duplicated by the current business and financial structure of professional sports.
  3. How we know we’re ready:
    • Discussions and multiple face to face meetings with “professional players “, potential television broadcast partners, corporate sponsors and IPO financial partners have provided valuable guidance and preliminary commitment for partnering.
  4. The sport opportunity we have:
    • Global Professional sports are strong and growing! ABE is presenting an opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, revolutionizing a very popular professional sport on a global scale.