American Basketball International Combine FAQ

  1. When is the International Combine?

The Combine is being held from Friday August 25th, through Sunday September 10th, 2023.

  1. Who will be there and what is the program?

The Combine will host 4 International teams and a USA select pro squad chosen by American Basketball Enterprises and features 16 days of individual player and team instruction and practices, as well as a round-robin game schedule concluding with a championship tournament. The Combine will also feature appearances by prominent USA basketball personalities who will conduct player, team, coaches and staff sessions.

  1. What does our fee cover?
    1. Hotel accommodations per attending team for 14 (players, coaches and staff) at the host hotel.
    2. All meals beginning the night of arrival through breakfast the morning of departure. Meals will be served buffet style prepared and catered through the host hotel. A per diem allowance will be provided for the days designated as off days to encompass both lunch and dinner. 
    3. Transportation of two 7 passenger vans per team for use during the entire stay. 
    4. Transportation to and from Orlando International airport upon arrival (Friday August 25th, 2023) and departure (Sunday September 10th, 2023)
    5. All court instruction, practice and competitive game-related expenses
    6. Athletic training and medical attendants. Teams/leagues should consider bringing a medical training staff individual with their traveling party.


  1. How would our organization, team or league benefit by attending?
    1. International teams that are seeking a distinct competitive advantage in the upcoming 23-24 season would benefit from direct exposure to US teaching, training and method systems of play and from additional pre-season competitive games.
    2. League teams combining to send a selected player each as part of the overall team. Especially players that the organization believes is crucial as regards the players increased developing role on its 23-24 roster   
    3. Teams would benefit if they are seeking additional pre-season preparation due to transformational changes in their organization such as:
      1. new ownership or front office changes
      2. new general management staff
      3. new coaching staff
      4. relegation status
      5. incorporation of new players through team-building experience


  1. How will International teams attending be chosen?

The selection process is a first-come, first-served basis. Teams/organizations should first register by submitting the appropriate Organizational Waiver and the initial down payment. Upon receipt of full payment, on or before Wednesday August 9, 2023 teams/organizations will be notified of their acceptance. ABE will refund any deposits received, less any transactional fee administered by the banking institutions involved, to teams/organizations who are not one of the first four to submit full payment. No refunds will be given to teams/organizations once they have been notified of acceptance.